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pec solar energy

National Coverage

Who is PEC energy

PEC Energy is a forward-thinking energy and utility management company, established in 2004. The company has grown into Africa’s leading independent energy and utility services group. Our independence has allowed us to develop our own point of view on the business of energy generation and distribution. We place people before profit. We are pioneering wholesale changes in the solar ownership landscape in South Africa with our highly flexible range of solar solutions. We use the latest technology to support our solar projects, which bring together interested parties in a relationship that benefits all of them. Our solar solution features a symbiotic relationship between site owners, solar panel owners and solar service providers, facilitated by our platform.

PEC’s national coverage in all property segments makes us the leading utility
and energy management company in South Africa

  • Company established: 2004
  • Number of properties serviced: 2,500 (commercial, retail, industrial and residential)
  • Number of accounts managed: 40,000
  • Number of employees: 350
  • National network of offices (7)
  • African presence: Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Kenya