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pec solar energy


As one of the leading PV solution providers and integrators in South Africa, PEC Energy is ideally positioned to deliver cost-effective solutions from small-scale solar projects to large grid connected solar farms.

Grid-independent pumping solutions
PEC Energy through our partner Telenetix utilizes state of the art VSD technology to realize fully grid-independent pumping solutions. The system is energized entirely using only solar power, with no grid power or backup energy storage required. Full off-grid operation allows placement of water pumping stations in remote areas, whilst simultaneously circumventing the implication of costly connection charges.

Where no infrastructure exists, ground mounted structures can be installed, irrespective of terrain type. PEC Energy manufactures custom ground mounted structures to suit any type of soil composition and terrain.

Capital Free Solutions

These solutions eliminate the need for clients to incur the substantial upfront capital expenditure amount that would be required under an outright purchase.

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